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granulated blast furnace slag

granulated blast furnace slag is the glassy material formed by water quenching of molten slag discharged from the blast furnaces in the iron-making industry. the water quenching process is termed granulation and its product granulated blast furnace slag is sand-like in appearance.

characteristics and applications of iron and steel slag

granulated blast furnace slag. the advantages of this blast furnace slag cement such as increasing strength over long periods of time low heating speed when reacting with water and high chemical durability are put to effective use in a broad range of fields including in the construction of ports and harbors and other large civil engineering works.

the effect of chemical composition of blast-furnace slag

in an effort to make structures more sustainable and durable supplementary cementitious materials are often used to replace cement. ground granulated blast furnace slag for instance is an industrial by-product of iron refinement and is frequently used in concrete mixture design to not only reduce cost but also increase later-age strength as well as durability.

evaluation of waste foundry sand and blast furnace steel

in the present study waste foundry sand from ordnance factory medak india and blast furnace bf steel slag from tata steel jamshedpur india are tested for basic characteristics including gradation specific gravity morphology chemical composition and compaction. the engineering properties shear strength and permeability are evaluated.

the utilization of slag in civil infrastructure

the utilization of slag in civil infrastructure construction strives to integrate the theory research and practice of slag utilization including the production and processing of slags. the topics covered include: production and smelting processes for metals; chemical and physical properties of slags; pretreatment and post-treatment technology to enhance slag properties; potential environmental impact; mechanisms of potential expansion; special testing methods and characteristics; slag

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characteristics and uses of steel slag in building

characteristics and uses of steel slag in building construction focuses predominantly on the utilization of ferrous slag blast furnace and steel slag in building construction.. this extensive literature review discusses the worldwide utilization of ferrous slag and applications in all sectors of civil engineering including structural engineering road construction and hydro-technical

geotechnical engineering i ce 341

geotechnical engineering i ce 341 . what do we learn in this course? introduction to geotechnical engineering civil engineers soil defined by agriculturist is known as top soil soil blast furnace slag by-product of steel making is glassy and not naturally occuring .

foundry sand

user guidelines for waste and byproduct materials in pavement construction. foundry sand consists primarily of clean uniformly sized high-quality silica sand or lake sand that is bonded to form molds for ferrous iron and steel and nonferrous copper aluminum brass metal castings. although these sands are clean prior to use

application of foundry sand in civil construction

application of foundry sand in civil construction second international conference on emerging trends in engineering sicete 41 page dr.j.j.magdum college of engineering jaysingpur 10 % foundry sand 90% natural sand 7.65 30 % foundry sand 70%natural sand 7.85 60% foundry sand 40% natural sand 8 table no 2

foundry slag

aside from waiting on oxilume's analysis he is correct you can check with epa. the question is: if they find something who bares the clean-up costs. if the foundry is still in business you should apprise them of the situation. my other suggestion would be to contact a civil engineering company in you area.

experimental analysis of hydraulically bound mixtures made

2.1 materials used. the steel slags considered are a by-product of the steel production process in electric arc furnaces eaf . metal waste of different origin and composition together with smelting agents usually limestone and dolomite is smelted by the electric arc in specific refractory containers 11 29 .

iron foundry slags as permeable reactive barrier materials

this paper describes findings from leach testing total element analyses and kinetic batch tests conducted to evaluate the feasibility of using iron foundry slag an industrial byproduct of iron casting as a reactive material in permeable reactive barriers used to remove arsenic as from groundwater.

pdf reuse of induction furnace steel slag as a

in this concrete. aspect steel slag has become a viable option as a tarek et al. 3 compared the physical and mechanical replacement for coarse aggregates in concrete properties of lightweight heavyweight and mixed weight production. slag aggregates with that of common brick aggregates.

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fine grained cementless concrete containing slag from

keywords: basic and acidic slags from foundry fine-grained cementless slag concrete technology of processing slags. professor s i pavlenko is head of the civil engineering department. siberian state university of industry novokuznetsk russia. v 1 malyshkin is director general of khakasenergo co. ltd abakan russia.

fine grained cementless concrete containing slag from

the department of civil engineering of the ssui under a contract to the pavlodarsky tractor plant ptp has developed the composition and technology of fine-grained concrete with ground basic slag as a binding material and acidic slag sand with a particle size of 0 to 5 mm as an aggregate.