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english chemist joseph priestley the discoverer of oxygen connected a bottle of water to a keg of brewing beer and noticed that some of the gas produced by the process dissolved into the water

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how would the following effect the concentration of biological oxygen demand:ideal breeding conditions increase the population of fish in the lake how would the following effect the concentration of biological oxygen demand:plant nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates are introduced into the lake

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doctor death was the very first supervillain batman faced way back during the golden age of comics. typically portrayed as a disfigured mad scientist he commonly operates as a creator of various

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high plant abundance: large amounts of algae (in the water column or on solid substrates) or aquatic vascular plants suggest the possibility of low do due to high plant respiration at night and high oxygen demand for decomposition of plant detritus. when plant abundance temperatures and light levels are high and turbulence is low do

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biochemical oxygen demand is a measure of the tity of oxygen used by microorganisms (e.g. aerobic bacteria) in the oxidation of organic matter. natural sources of organic matter include plant decay and leaf fall. however plant growth and decay may be unnaturally accelerated when nutrients and sunlight are overly abundant due to human

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the sam survived living in a place where the contamination didn't reach and from there she tries to find some biological and chemical in a future world the level of pullution got so high the oxygen got contaminated making it impossible to breathe and killing many people apparently. the sam survived living in a place where the

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how would the human body be affected if oxygen levels increased by a lot our air is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. if it increased to 30% oxygen what would the effects be and how long would it ta

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the effects of dissolved oxygen concentration and biological solids retention time on activated sludge treatment performance jack joseph parker university of tennessee - knoxville this thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the graduate school at trace: tennessee research and creative exchange. it has been

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trying to grow plants in a pure oxygen atmosphere can cause problems for that matter. it can be quite lethal if allowed to exist at high concentration in the wrong place at the wrong time