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i think the biggest hurdle to nuclear energy is the cost. a single nuclear power plant capital costs per megawatt of installed capacity are almost twice as much as a coal-fired power plant and almost four times as much as a gas-fired one. although the government isn't totally unwilling to put out the required capital.

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22india needs no extra coal power stations until at least 2027 according to the government’s latest draft national electricity plan. the plan released by the central electricity authority (cea) for public consultation makes no room for further generation capacity beyond the 50gw coal fleet that is under construction.. the plan covers two five-year periods beginning in 2017 and 2022.

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when it comes to major players in the mining industry the mind often runs to canada australia or even russia. here mining global looks at 10 of the biggest mining companies based in india. kudremukh is a flagship company under the ministry of steel government of india formed in 1976. it is the

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the carbon content is low in india's coal and toxic trace element concentrations are negligible. the natural fuel value of indian coal is poor. on average the indian power plants using india's coal supply consume about 0.7 kg of coal to generate a kwh whereas united states thermal power plants consume about 0.45 kg of coal per kwh.

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mining scam in india – wikipedia the free encyclopedia. mining scam in india (colloquially indian mining scam) is a series of widespread … due to the delayed implementation of competitive bidding process for allotment of coal …

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coal mines near tiger preserves: in india some coal mines are located near/below the tiger preserves. mining or construction of administrative offices in/near these preserves disturbs the wildlife. hence environmental organisations like greenpeace have been opposing mining in these areas.

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the bank noted that this analysis applies to developed economies and excludes places like india and china parts of which are very dependent on coal. but in the u.s. coal plant construction has