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gta 5 screen shaking 101problems . gta iv screen shake – anti piracy legit version i just got this problem a couple daysago. after about 5 minutes of playing my screen starts to shake like niko is. get price

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gta iv shaking screen fix canon might finally fix all the problems with its gta iv screen gta iv gta iv shaking fix the $2000 canon 6d mark ii is the first ever re. my camera is crazy grand theft auto iv gamefaqs. aug 01 2009· for grand theft auto iv on the pc a gamefaqs message board topic titled "my camera is crazy". gta4 crack anti

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before you say i priated it i just bought it from steam. 7.50$ all i see related to my screen going all wobbly is pirate piratepirate. but really it's in my steam library any ideas

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how to fix drunk camera/camera shaking in gta 4 working gta 4 drunk camera is a common problem in this to fix this here is a this and this video will help you.hit

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2nd version is available in ma channel for clear voice jst chekout hi every body just follow me and copy my steps then your gt

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ok so i launch my gta 4 game and it runs smoothly at first then after a little the screen starts to shake sideways and sometimes in and out. it can't be my computer because i have 4g ram xfx geforce 9800 gt and a core 2 quad good power supply and etc. note this only happens on gta4 not on other games like cod4or5 or fear 2

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[metacritic's 2008 ps3 game of the year; also known as "gta iv"] what does the american dream mean today for niko belic fresh off the boat from europe. it's the hope he can escape his past. for his cousin roman it is the vision that together they can find fortune in liberty city gateway to the

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i am using gta 4 pc version i have alredy installed the patch and nvidia 181.20 whql drivers but whenever i run the game initially it runs fine but after 5 min the creen starts shaking and also the cars accelerates on its own without pressing any key please can anyone tell how to fix it .. pl

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there are minor problems with the pc version of grand theft auto 3 so you'll need to download a patch to fix them here: ----- 2: revision history version 1.0 - cvxfreak was kind enough to research and convert this faq to cover the pc.