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in high-se areas se toxicity is a problem. selenium-accumulating plants may be used to alleviate se deficiency in consumers (biofortification) or to remove environmental se pollution (phytoremediation) both covered extensively in this volume. plant species genetically vary in se uptake metabolism and tolerance.

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a quarter of the men had received 200 micrograms of selenium - a mineral found in plant foods - per day a quarter received a 400 iu-capsule of vitamin e a quarter received both supplements and

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selenium portable plant. umicore selenium. selenium. berzelius discovered selenium in 1817 in the dusts formed in the lead chambers of a sulphuric acid plant. he found the element associated with tellurium (after the latin tellus earth) and called it selenium (after the greek σελενη moon). in 1873 willoughby smith an english

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selenium is of metabolic importance in cyanobacteria and in some plants being involved in their antioxidative processes. selenium is widely distributed on the earth's surface and available for

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mushrooms are packed with nutritional value. they're low in calories are great sources of fiber and protein (good for plant-based diets). they also provide many important nutrients including b

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selenium (se) exhibits a “double-edged” behavior in animal and human nutrition. it is a micronutrient required in low concentrations by animals and humans but toxic at high concentrations. selenium deficiency has been associated with cancer and other health problems. selenium requirements are commonly met through soils and plants such as wheat rice vegetables and maize in many countries.

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in plants it sometimes occurs in toxic amounts as forage e.g. locoweed. selenium is a component of the amino acids selenocysteine and selenomethionine. in humans selenium is a trace element nutrient that functions as cofactor for glutathione peroxidases and certain forms of thioredoxin reductase.