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[question] do you grind weed before putting it into a pipe

i would recommend grinding it before putting it in but it's really not necessary. ground weed usually has better airflow better heat distribution and ashes more efficiently. when you go to light it engage the lighter and slowly bring it to the very edge of the bowl while inhaling lightly. putting the flame directly to the bowl will waste your bud.

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jan 05 2017· i have some question about storing weed properly: 1.below is a picture of how i store marijuana.i keep it in a fridge with no light but i pre grind all my weed as soon as i get it.i keep it no longer than 30 days before i place my next this sufficent or should i not be pregriding that much marijuanai usually get about 2 oz a month

grinding shrooms in a mj grinderthe psychedelic

oct 11 2010· i prefer my shrooms ground up but havent done it question is can i use my marijuana grinder for the shrooms without tainting the grinder?grinding shrooms in a mj grinder [re: seriously_spacedim sure i could grind them but im wondering is if later i want to grind weed in there i dont want it mixed with shroom particals lol

tips and tricks: how to grind weed without a grinder

jul 25 2018· the handheld grinder we all know and love is easily the most popular tool for grinding weed. however there comes a time in every stoners life when his or her grinder goes missing or gets left behind. for these occasions its essential to have backup methods for grinding down is no shock many consumers do not know how to grind weed without a grinder.

5 best electric weed grinders [updated for 2019]

these include growing boxes lights inline fans and weed grinders. in this piece however we concentrate our efforts on weed grinders. weed grinders are designed to grind marijuana into small and fine bits. this makes it easier to smoke and cook the weed. grinding allows for a more predictable flavor and manageable smoking.

pot questions: to grind or not to grind your weed?

may 17 2017· pot questions: to grind or not to grind your weed? by ed mitchell. whether to grind or not to grind your weed is a pretty hot topic at our have a heart recreational marijuana shop in bothell. one thing we all agree on is that it depends on the particular strain of weed were smoking.

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oct 02 2013· grinder question. discussion in 'apprentice marijuana consumption' started by laughing grass jan 18 2010. page 1 of 2 1 2 nextthe 3rd picture i took because i have all this green weed shit on the sides of the grinder so when i grind weed it makes it harder to grind and i wanna know how you would take that off to smoke. attached files:

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nov 11 2017· today on lexs world i wanted to go deeper into the topic of herb grinders and when weed should be ground up vs. when it should be broken

why do you need to grind your weed?high times

jul 26 2018· why do you grind weed? why do you grind weed in the first place? shredding and breaking down your flower into small pieces allows for all of

weed stems: how to make use of them

the first step in this process is grinding the stems into tiny pieces. you should be very sure not to crush the weed into powder. grinding it to a powder means that it will dissolve in the water and you will be left with a bitter taste in your mouth and cup. add some of the ground weed stems into a

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grinder helps to grind the marijuana into a fine crumb. question: why not burn the pieces of cones as a whole as beginners do? first the crushed product burns much more evenly it does not have to be set on fire again. second only the cut weed can be properly roll a cigarette. grinder not only facilitates the grinding process.

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question on tolerance as 2 year medical user. 3 .question about storing weed and pregrinding.if i wanted to bring more weed with me to a location in something such as a medicine prescription bottle does pre grinding the weed a day or two before hand to fill up the medicine bottle rather then take 3 or 4 nugs that take up all the

why do you need to grind your weed?high times

jul 26 2018· why grind weed? rolling a joint or packing a bowl of pot that burns evenly and completely is a skill that is to be admired. theres nothing worse than

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technically you can cut or manually break up your flower for a vape. the reason for grinding the flower is to increase the surface area for the air to move through and allow the compounds to release into the air youre inhaling. it's also more uni

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i agree with the surface area notion ground weed burns quicker and more evenly than just ripping it off the stem and shoving it in. i admit that some of the more unique characteristics or tastes of buds could be lost in grinding but it's ultimately a personal taste issue i suppose.

how badly does weed stink up a room?yahoo answers

jan 15 2013· best answer: it depends on how potent your weed is some are obviously a lot stinkier than others. i take care of all my smoking business grinding smoking etc. near a window. i've walked in on my ex grinding weed before and i could smell it even though no

does a marijuana grinder ruin the weed?yahoo answers

sep 04 2008· best answer: the person above me is completely right. thc can only be affected by burning the plant so grinding it eating it uncooked getting it wet or what have you will have absolutely no effect. if it's headies a grinder is a bit unneccessary since it's so sticky and since it's not compressed and you also don't want to lose the crystals. with really good bud you should be delicate

best weed grinder review [august 2019 ]

may 21 2019· the best weed grinder we found is the space strikes the perfect balance between affordability efficiency durability and ease of use regardless of your smoking habits. it also has a nice grip pattern on the lid which makes it more beginnerfriendly and easier to use by people with physical disabilities.

what else can a coffee grinder grind?know your grinder

mar 19 2016· what else can a coffee grinder grind? how about flax or chia seeds wheat spices food nuts rice or weed?ahhh finally.. the big question is whether you can grind weed in your coffee grinder.if youre ok with a noncoffeegrinder for grinding your weed there is a better option in the form of the zip large spice tobacco herb

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/ best weed grindersherb grinder for weed 2019: top10 reviews.the most remarkable thing here is that it come with a fullyimproved pollen catcher and extrasharp curved teeth for grinding your weed tobacco or herbs like never before.the question is: how many are the sweet spot? in the market you can find grinders with 1 2 or 3

grinders: sharpstone or cosmic case?

you can compare a good grinder to a good weed. if the weed is not what you hoped you would get you still would get high yet it wont be to the degree and with the effects you desired the experience to be. same with the grindersevery grinder would grind the weed it is just a question of how well would the grinder do the job.

my friend is scraping her grinder for weed with a butter

the amazon listing for that model mentions the grinding chamber is stainless steel. it's also answered in the questions section. i doubt she's getting any metal particulates into her weed. posted by mouse army at 11:54 am on july 13 [7 favorites]

5 ways to grind weed without a grinderwikihow complete guide to buying your new weed grinder

mar 06 2017· new to the world of grinding? read our comprehensive guide to find your new weed grinder and get all the knowledge you need before buying one! new to the world of grinding? read our comprehensive guide to find your new weed grinder and get all the knowledge you need before buying one!do you still have any question about weed grinder? still

do you really need to grind your weed?colorado pot guide

not grinding your weed can lead to some problems and makes other methods of smoking impossible. if youre not grinding flower and your pipe is getting clogged or not hitting smoothly you might want to get on the grinding train.onehitters and small bowls

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will grinding down tree roots improve a lawn? q. sarah in pennington nj writes: "i watch your weekly television show for advice especially concerning grass trees and shrubs. i live in a condominium and the landscaper hired by the condo association has been grinding down the roots of maple and other trees that show at the surface.