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zinc is commonly found in mineral deposits along with other base metals such as copper and lead. zinc deposits are broadly classified on the basis of how they are formed. zinc is produced mainly from three types of deposits: sedimentary exhalative (sedex) mississippi valley type (mvt) and volcanogenic massive sulfide (vms).

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the strength and flexibility of zinc alloys mean they are widely used to create die casts for industrial uses – for example in the production of car or machine parts. zinc is also used to make brass and bronze. zinc oxide is mainly used in the production of rubber while zinc sulphide has uses such as x - ray screens in optics and as a

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all metals can turn black. researchers at the university of rochester have found a way to change the properties of almost any metal by using a femtosecond laser pulse which forms nanostructures at

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if bmaa crosses into the brain and enters a compartment in which glutamate is bound to zinc the glutamate/zinc complex separates and the bmaa binds with the zinc leaving high levels of unbound

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"we dropped zinc metal in silver nitrate (agno3) copper sulfate (cuso4) and lead nitrate (pb(no3)2) solutions and recorded the emergence of silver copper and lead metals with beautiful structure.

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zinc is critical for all life on earth and used in more than 300 enzymes; zinc deficiency was recognized as a clinical health problem in 1961. the international zinc association explains that zinc is critical to proper cellular growth and mitosis fertility immune system function taste and smell healthy skin and vision.

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metallic elements have many different uses in industry cosmetics and medicine to name just a few. this family of elements which includes zinc copper silver iron and gold has a unique set of characteristics that make them uniquely suited to certain tasks and many of these elements have been employed in the same way for thousands of years.

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south africa occupied the german colony of south-west africa during world war i and administered it as a mandate until after world war ii when it annexed the territory. in 1966 the marxist south

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uses of zinc and lead currently selected; zinc around half of all zinc is used to galvanise steel an environmentally friendly way of protecting against corrosion. zinc is also used to make die-cast alloys brass and zinc oxides and chemicals. about 50% of the 11 million tonnes of zinc produced annually is used for galvanising to protect steel