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germany's vision for industrie 4.0: the revolution will be digitised. industrie 4.0 has become a favourite theme for the country with siemens among automation's chief cheerleaders.

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the development and processing of materials and technologies represents a core element of germany’s innovative industry culture. both the fundamental research for “new materials” and the processing of semi-finished products to create industrial finished parts make a considerable contribution to industrial value added to germany. more

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industrial music is a genre of music which draws on harsh transgressive or provocative sounds and themes.allmusic defines industrial music as the "most abrasive and aggressive fusion of rock and electronic music" that was "initially a blend of avant-garde electronics experiments (tape music musique concrète white noise synthesizers sequencers etc.) and punk provocation".

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german culture has spanned the entire german-speaking world. [citation needed] from its roots culture in germany has been shaped by major intellectual and popular currents in europe both religious and secular.historically germany has been called das land der dichter und denker (the country of poets and thinkers). there are a number of public holidays in germany.

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gothic music is a style of music originating from post-punk and having dark dim or haunting tones sounds imagery and usually spooky or morbid lyrics. it tends to be used in many genres such as rock punk alternative darkwave ambient industrial ebm and metal.

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german culture has been influenced and shaped throughout germany‘s rich history once as an important part of the holy roman empire and later on as one of the most stable economies in the world. whereas today germany is home to 82.2 million people including germans and minorities of other nationalities that respect each other and together

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identification. the name germany is derived from the latin word germania which at the time of the gallic war (58–51 b.c.e. ) was used by the romans to designate various peoples occupying the region east of the rhine.the german- name deutschland is derived from a germanic root meaning volk or people.

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- raps harvester - industrial culture agra - rapsernter - germany - mecklenburg sandblech. 122 m on tour in germany - new biggest combine fendt wheat harvest - duration: 18:20.

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germany history and culture history of germany. the territory that we now know as germany was for many centuries a loose collection of independent (and often warring) states occupied by rulers including the roman empire the holy roman empire and the austrian habsburgs.

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it comes as no surprise that national geographic describes germany as “europe’s strongest economic and industrial power” considering how much time and effort germany puts into research technology science and education. germany also has a history of being scientifically minded. it won the first nobel prize in 1901 and before world war ii had more nobel laureates for science than any

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history culture daily life in germany plus biographies of notable germans. germany – learn more about the history and culture of germany. banks & money – money matters in germany – plus banking history; the euro – about the currency that first went into circulation in austria and germany in january 2002.